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See you Sunday, January 17th.  Must arrive before 2pm (the earlier you arrive the more raffle tickets you can earn).

Don’t Forget….

For every 3 items you bring from this list you will receive 2 extra raffle tickets!

Pet Supplies
Science Diet Brand food
Clay cat litter
Durable/Washable toys
Interactive/puzzle toys
Kong toys
Fleece blankets
Baby blanket
Clean, washable pet beds
Small Kuranda beds (
Washable throw rugs/bath rugs
Clean harnesses and leashes
New/ gently used kennels
Puppy exercise pens
6×6 and larger outdoor exercise pens
Hot Dogs
Velveeta Cheese
Newspaper (shiny ads removed)

Shelter Supplies
Dawn dish detergent
Liquid and powder laundry detergent
Liquid hand soap
Hand sanitizer
Clorox bleach
Paper towels
Scrub brushes
Dishwashing gloves
Durable hose and nozzle
Distilled white vinegar
Towels (all sizes)
Spray bottles
55 gallon trash bags
Plastic measuring cups
6×8 plastic tarps
Bungie cords

Clinic Supplies
70% Isopropyl alcohol
Hydrogen Peroxide
Unopened distilled water
Cotton balls
Tongue depressors
Microwavable heating pads/water bottles
Exam gloves (S, M, L)
Plastic sandwich bags

Office Supplies
Copy paper
Ink cartridges for HP 3600 printer
Sheet protectors
Grease pencils

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